Fly Screens Sydney

Fly Screens Sydney
Insect Screens are excellent for keeping flys and vermin out of the house. One of their great advantages is that they cause no environmental harm. While chemicals sprays do kill insects they release harmful chemicals into the ecosystem. Some electronic devices, such as ultrasonic sound generators, also cause problems and may damage hearing. But flyscreens are an effective barrier that simply keep small creatures out of your home.

Outside Insect Deterrence
Some natural products are useful for deterring insects.
White vinegar is effective for keeping ants out. A spray bottle of vinegar is useful for this, and causes no environmental harm. Try spraying it under doors or in any cracks where ants might get in.
Ants also dislike cucumber. It seems to kill some species and repel others.
Many spiders are repelled by peppermint. Use peppermint oil around doors, windowsills and cracks in the wall.
Garlic and onions are effective for getting rid of mosquitoes. This is good for outdoor eating areas and Barbeques.
Citronella can be burnt in candles, lanterns and torches to get rid of many insects. This is also useful for outdoor eating and barbeques.
Cinnamon gets rid of many bugs.
Garden plants such as basil, catnip, lemongrass, garlic, mint and bay leaves will repel many different insects.
Avoid sweet smelling and fruity scents because many of these will attract insects. This includes shampoos and soaps. Insects can be attracted to people (especially children0 who use these products.

Vanilla, lemongrass and sometimes Peppermint will usually work on the human body as a natural insect repellent.

Retractable Fly Screen Sydney
Retractable insect screens have the advantage of being put away when not required. They are effective in summer, and either retracted to removed during the non-insect seasons of the years.
Retractable Fly Screen Australia
Use insect screens and natural repellents to make Australian summer living free of pests.



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